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This blog's purpose is to give voice to the lived experiences of gay Mormons, because, let's face it, we are awesome. But, I'll need your help. My experiences are going to be just as unique as the next guy, so I'll need input from you readers on your thoughts, experiences, and feelings. When you want to post something, just email me your draft to anothergaymormon13@gmail.com and I'll post it for you. And feel free to comment on any post.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Claim to Universal Truth

Wednesday, July 3, 2013
Well, congratulations. You've stumbled upon yet another gay Mormon blog. If you already haven't found a plethora of these, ask me and I'll refer you. The gay Mormon community has taken to the blogging sphere within the last couple of years trying to put their voice out there and receive some recognition from the world that Gay Mormons exist. Often the inherent contradictions that society see in "Gay Mormons" (and even both the Gay and Mormon communities) result in a adventurous, personal struggle that yearns a listening ear. However, the confusing messages from both gays and Mormons results in desire for anonymity which blogging can provide.

So, here I am. Just another one. Yet, I hope that my blog can offer a new perspective on what Gay Mormon actually means. I contemplated a "coming out" on my general blog--especially since my recent posts on homosexuality and gay-marriage have spurned some ridiculously negative comments asking me why I think I can speak on the subject. However, I want to avoid the stereotypical "coming out" over the internet, as it often transforms into a therapeutic reflection of self-acceptance of being gay. So, instead, I'm sticking to the cliche anonymous blogger.

There are two things that most gay-mormon-blog readers want to know about their authors: 1) Who is the author? Is his/her experience similar to mine? 2) Is the blog worth reading? Will it help me in any way? Is it different from the others? This post will respond to the second issue. In the near future I will give some descriptions of who I am.

However, let me give you a brief synopsis on what I hope to achieve with this blog. In my own journey with being a Gay Mormon, I've found no shortage of people claiming to be experts on how to deal with the situation or who think they know the answer to either a fulfilling, spiritually moral, or happy life. Everyone seems to have an opinion on the best way to deal with homosexuality and religion. At the same time, most Gay Mormons (including myself) have searched long and hard for the golden key to how to deal with being gay in a church whose doctrine prohibits homosexual behavior and whose culture has never seem to be the most "gay-friendly". 

We've all heard the usual solutions offered. Mormon doctrine/authorities tell us to keep a good relationship with God, read the scriptures often, never stop going to church, and most of all keep the law of chastity. My gay associates have had their own solutions: ditch the church, realize that Mormonism doesn't have a claim to morality, you can still love God and a man and the church restricts that ability, etc. However, what if neither of those choices was right? What if, dare I consider it, there is no answer? What if, there can be no claim to a universal truth by either side?

No one wants to hear the possibility of ambiguity or uncertainty. I think this is something gays, straights, and the world can share: we love control over our situation. Accepting the absence of a solution makes the future frightening to say the least! Yet, I suggest that due to the complex nature of the situation and considering every person's distinct being, their personal circumstances and exposure to homosexuality and their religion, their unique friends and family, etc. there is no solution that can fit everyone. In fact, I might even argue that there is no best solution for any individual person unless they themselves choose it

In essence, what I hope to do is explore the delicate issues that circulate homosexuality and Mormonism. I do not attempt to establish a framework that will offer solutions or that seems to suggest I have a bias towards one side or the other. I can assure you that as I stand right now, I have no idea what path I will take in regards to being a gay Mormon. Instead, I hope to open a discussion of what being a Gay Mormon entails, the difficulties and fun times (believe me, they exist), the sorrow and joy, and the possibilities. I don't want to close off any options to anyone because that is not for me to say what is right and wrong or what "truth" should become our standard.

So, I invite you to follow me on this journey of being a Gay Mormon. I invite participation and discussion. Please put comments down. If you feel that you have something to share, by all means. I even invite "guest bloggers" to draft a blog and send it to me and I'll publish it. Share with your friends, family, and everyone you know. The more people, the more dynamic and involved this discussion will become and the more I think it can help people understand the situation.

Eventually, with a greater understanding with what is happening, I hope each person can understand what path they want and should choose. Best of luck to all of you and thanks for reading!

If anyone is unfamiliar with the discussions about Gay Mormons, here is a good start:

I have my own opinions about some of the links he suggests, but I think overall they do a good job at bringing up the issue in mostly positive ways.


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