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This blog's purpose is to give voice to the lived experiences of gay Mormons, because, let's face it, we are awesome. But, I'll need your help. My experiences are going to be just as unique as the next guy, so I'll need input from you readers on your thoughts, experiences, and feelings. When you want to post something, just email me your draft to anothergaymormon13@gmail.com and I'll post it for you. And feel free to comment on any post.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Letter to My 10 year old Self

Sunday, October 20, 2013
I was reminded, today, of one of my favorite Youtube videos on the Soul Pancake channel: Talk to Your 10 year old Self:

So, I figured, why not. Let's write to my 10 year old self.

Hey buddy,
    I miss being you, so enjoy it while it lasts. That doesn't mean life sucks in 14 years, just different. In fact, life is probably more exciting than ever. But, there is no reason to rush things. But, maybe there are some things to make life a little better and to give you some enthusiasm for what's to come.
    First, don't be afraid to make friends. You don't always have to read on the weekends. Those kids that you talk to in class are actually pretty fun outside of class as well. Don't hesitate to make some connections. They really do think you are a cool person. Remember that throughout your life. 
   Also, learn to say "no". People look up to you and will start asking you to help out. However, that's no reason to destroy your sanity. Professors can handle it if you can't take on another project, friends will understand if you need to sleep, and your job can't work you into the ground. Start sticking up for yourself early. (You'll learn some more about that in orchestra in high school. Have fun there.)
    Don't try to change who you are to fit in with other people. You are pretty awesome. Once you start being yourself, you will actually find the absolute best friends who will always be there for you. Maybe you will have a little more fun on Friday nights if you start learning that now. (Plus, make sure that you are always open to be the best friend to others, too. You can go a long way as a comfort to those around you).
    You will make a good decision not to worry about dating in high school. That's complicated. And you already are starting to figure out why. It's not important for now, so just make friends, do well in school (like I need to tell you that), and just enjoy yourself. 
   Play music, play sports, go on runs with your best friend, and just have fun. It seems that you love to take on more stress than would be wise. Learn to walk slow. Enjoy the time with other people and looking around for the fun things to do. Once you start doing that you'll be a lot less stressed and you'll enjoy life a little more. Go to your therapist earlier than when you are 24. It'll make things easier. And be honest.
   Society is going to start changing. It's going to be more "accepting" towards some things and less accepting towards others. Don't let them define your morality either way. You make your own choices and learn to pave your own way. I remember all the goals that I had when I was your age: GO FOR IT. Don't let down. Don't be afraid because there is no money or you don't know if you'll make it. Have a backbone. You'll do awesome.
   Lastly, start trying to understand what you believe in and why. Find out who God is and make that relationship strong. Don't ever let it go. He'll direct your life better than anyone or any organization can. Once you have that connection, you'll never have worry.

Little buddy, you are awesome. You will do great things, embarrassing things, world-changing things, stupid things, and you will still be the best. By the time you are my age, you'll have worked with homeless people, with gay Mormons, top-notch professors, doctors, lived in Italy (twice), and had an awesome life. Don't back down and never give up. Remember: Expect miracles. Make miracles. See miracles.

Rock on.


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